I customized my O³ TOur

Rafa Nadal

The O3 Tour was to light for me, i want to make it headhavier, so i add Lead like Coria and Davydenko @ 3 and 9 o clock. My racquet weights currently 347 grams... Tomorrow i will play first with the customized racquet...
Do you think the Lead is ok? or to much?


It's a fairly head light racquet so you should be ok adding some weight to the hoop without making the balance shift to head heavy.

How much lead did you put?


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searching for about a thread where he customises his own O3 Tour... yeah.. nice one.....

if you don't have anything positive to say, then just don't say it

anyways, you should add as much lead as you feel comfortable with, if it starts getting too heavy, then take some off, obvious, but yeah.


Yes, don't pay attention to a troll.

Anyway, 17 grams might be too much to start with. That much weight I'd rather see more equally distributed along the body of the racquet.

Generally, I don't recommend anyone but young rookies to play with HH frames.

But, don't take it off now. See what this setup plays like for you and work from there. You may find yourself having problems keeping the ball in the service field or overhitting on groundstrokes, but for each change allow yourself some time to truly get a hang of it first.

Meaning: don't overhit the ball once and then immediately take some lead off.

What I suggest is: go play with your racquet in the stock form. Play for whatever time you need to get in optimal form, but at least for 15 minutes. Then start adding some lead and see what has changed. Then experiment.


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no threads about him saying he's added lead to an O3 Tour is there?

He's asking us if he thinks the amount of lead he's put on is too much, we're telling him that it's up to him since it depends how well he plays with it...

you on the other hand aren't contributing anything worthwhile, so why don't you just not bother posting?

if you didn't know, customisation of rackets is personal, so just because another poster says "i added 1g on either side and it was perfect", he obviously thought he needed more lead tape and so that post obviously didn't apply to him

now quit trolling around


You should be fine with that, it will turn it into a real weapon.

Mine is 354 grams and 6 points HL and you just can't miss!


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hmm but what if its an o3 red ? i wanna increase the swingweight and static weight of my red . any advice ? i duno how to add it to the throat because of the irritating dampener

Rafa Nadal

Today ive played with my customized O3 Tour, but with the Lead at 3 and 9 o clock, it played nit so well for me.
I will put Lead only Lead at 12ocklock, tomorrow, i think 10gram...
Anyone tried the O3 Tour with Lead at 12 o clock?