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    why aren't college linemen such as Tom Brown and Alex Karras more highly regarded as such guys like Hugh Green when all three of them finished second in Heisman trophy races in their respective years. And is there a Notre Dame mystique in college football? If so, is there still one now. I mean, John Lattner beating out Paul Giel. Paul Hornung and John Huarte winning. But if there was, wouldn't "the Rocket" have won?
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    1. The Heisman usually goes to a QB, RB or a WR. That's usually the way it goes.

    2. Notre Dame has the mystique of history, but now the school looks ready to be sent down to D2.
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    It's true that college linemen don't get as much attention as say QB,RB, or WW, but they do get their attention when they deserve it. I mean look at last year's Michigan's Jake Long. Arguable the best Offensive lineman in the country at the time, and low and behold, he was the #1 draft pick in the NFL.

    Yes, QBs, RBs, WW usually get heisman, but again, there have been times in recent history where it didn't follow that trend.
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    You are either a QB, RB, or WR unless your name is Charles Woodson. Every other Heisman winner has been one of the three skill positions.

    In the early days of football there was a position simply called "End" which was more like a flank/slot reciever than n actual tight end. regardless there have 2 "End" guys that have one the heisman as well. But Woodson is the only primary defensive guy to win it. And no Offensive Lineman have.

    And I believe Tim Brown in 1987 was the last guy from ND to win the heisman. But ND still has 7 winners which ties it for first with Ohio State and USC. Although I think USC has to give up Oj's which would move them down to six :)

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