I finally see the genius of Tanking

I'm a Tomic fan.
Not saying he's tanking, but he does seem lazy on his feet.

Tomic, like everyone else who won't admit it, is simply making a living.
Pro players are one twisted ankle away from being homeless.

If Tomic KNOWS he is going to lose to world #1, why bother?
He has made his salary in the first 2 rounds.
Why risk getting injured and jeopardize earning money in the next tourney?
He's not going to win no matter what, so the smartest move is to just default the match once you've done deep enough.
Why risk an injury? That is just plain stupid.

Tomic may be the more rational and mature player on tour.



I could see one going for broke and hoping to get lucky as a last ditch strategy.

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Tomic is no different than 98% of the world wide work force. Do as little work as possible, for the most amount of money you can get. Genius? not so much. Normal? absolutely.


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To be fair to bernie he actually played quite well. He was up a break and serving for 4-2 in first set but unfortunately missed a DTL forehand narrowly at 3-2 , 40-15. After that he seemed a bit discouraged and folded. :(


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It requires a shift in mentality. Tennis is a game, and the purpose is to try to win. Yeah, technically it is also his job. But at its' core, it is a game. And in games, you don't need to be the best to win. You just need to fulfill the requirements of the objective. In tennis, that objective is win the last point.

Even if you're up against the better player, you can still win. Which is a nice thing about tennis. No one asks you to push yourself beyond your limit. You only need to win the right points. Yeah you should try to be the best, but that's what the practice off court is for. Off court, you're practicing to be the best. On court, it doesn't matter who is better.