I found a place for extra wide shoes


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I've been looking for a place that specializes in extra-wide shoes because most manufacturers don't make them at all. New Balance is the king of Extra Wide but it looks like they are cutting back. All of their shoes were available in 4E in the past but it looks like the new Fresh Foam LAV v2 is only available in 2E. I am not sure if any of their Tennis shoes are available in 6E so I buy the New Balance 857 v2 model because they are available in 4E but they are Cross Trainers, not tennis shoes.

So I found a shop that specializes in Extra Wide and Large sizes and I plan to place an order tonight or tomorrow as it is generally difficult to find shoes much less Wide and Long shoes. I'm not going to name the place as this is a TW forum; even though I don't think that they really compete because they sell no tennis shoes at all.