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Discussion in 'Tennis Tips/Instruction' started by topspin, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. topspin

    topspin Semi-Pro

    Feb 18, 2004
    Ok so I've never taken a tennis lesson in my life but today I got asked to coach by someone who is running the tennis program in my city. So anyone have tips/suggestions as to where to get info on how to coach?
  2. Cypo

    Cypo Rookie

    Feb 11, 2004
    Congratulations Topspin - someone is obivously impressed with your playing !

    This brings back a bitter memory for me though. As a kid, I played in the NJTL and we had two college students as coaches. They played pretty well, but they knew next to nothing about coaching. Every week they had some super new idea, and when we didn't perform well enough, they lost interest.

    Be honest with yourself, and fair to the people you'll be coaching.
  3. Rickson

    Rickson G.O.A.T.

    Jun 16, 2004
    Congrats and take it slow with new students. I know of one guy who wanted to teach youngsters the western grip and topspin right off the bat. I told him to hold back because although I know nothing about being a tennis coach, I know that advanced techniques are exactly that, too advanced for beginners.
  4. Tim Tennis

    Tim Tennis Professional

    Feb 24, 2004
    Charleston, TN
    I helped with a high school team last year and it was a lot of fun.

    Don't know what level you are talking about but most of all don't play favorites, be fair, that is what challenge matches are all about. You have got to control the practices, have a plan even though you may have to deviate from it sometimes. Work em, and they will love you for it.

    You got to love the game.

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