I hate barbell complexes


Upon reading the various facts and nuggets of advice by Ano, Tricky and the other fitness experts on these boards I've decided that I need to get more serious about my weight lifting to help me lose weight. I've always been serious about my cardio and my diet but not so much about my lifting, aside from when I played football in high school anyway. So today I tried the workout outlined by Tricky in the weight training and fat loss thread and I did 5 sets of 5 reps per exercise. I would rather do 1 straight hour of HIIT in a sauna with no water than do that again. I was planning on playing some tennis tonight now that the weather has cleared but seeing as how I can't move it is out of the question. I did feel nice to do some serious lifting though, but next time I'll have to try it with a little less weight. Thanks Tricky for answering my questions on barbell complexes and putting that crazy idea in my head!

Max Winther

Wow, when I first saw those routines posted, I thought, "wow, those look hard" I might try these in the gym tomorrow. I've got wednesday off from school, so if extreme soreness occurs, I can just chill.


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I did one this morning just to break the monotony of my usual workout. I did one set (skipped the bent over rows because ......I forgot about them...should have brought a print out), ran a mile in 8 minutes, then did another set. I used a 50lb olympic bar with 2 25 pound plates. About 20 minutes total and I was gassed out!! Adding the rows and another set....tough.