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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by kimbahpnam, Jun 21, 2008.

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    As part of my tennis training and general health, I like to run and I usually run on a treadmill a couple miles daily, but after running outside in the nice weather on cement I find my shins developing its own version of 'tennis elbow.' I try to strengthen my calves by doing calf raises and stretching, but it doesn't do a whole lot.
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    The conditions generally required to develop shin splints are an imbalance between the shin and calf muscle. The actual stress fractures themselves are caused by repeated stress on the lower leg especially on hard surfaces. In order to prevent or treat shin splints, you must strengthen your shin muscle.

    To strengthen the shin muscle, you must perform reverse calf raises. However, you shouldn't use a barbell if you are currently suffering from shin splints. Instead, perform this exercise without any resistance and with your back against a wall. Perform this exercise until the burn is too intense, rest and repeat for a few sets. Do this everyday or every other day.

    Lastly, you must rest your body in order to allow it to heal. You don't necessarily have to stop running or playing tennis completely, but at least lower the volume. (And remove all distance running on cement; run on grass instead.)
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    I find that I am considerably more prone to shin splints with some shoe types and have not problems at all with others. You should use a decent shoe that is suited to your foot type (pronated, supinated, etc). Worn out shoes can be another problem. If your shoes are in decent shape, you may need to invest in some quality orthotics if your feet require them.

    There have been other threads in this forum on shin splints in the recent past -- try a Search. There may also be something in the sticky at the top of this forum. Check out the follow links as well:



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