I have been getting fitter and faster....


today i ran 4 miles at just under 7 1/4 minutes a mile. this is way beyond anything i've done before, i ran the first mile in under 7 minutes, motivated by the target set for an amateur runner on this forum, and felt pretty strong all the way through. i'm 24 and have been working hard on getting my fitness up for about a year now.

this past month i've added two things that have really improved my fitness. the first is, rather embarrassingly, an aerobics dvd recommended me by my girlfriend- Jillian Michaels Banish Fat Boost Metabolism. it's making my legs stronger and getting me used to having a high heart rate for longer periods of time. it's actually surprisingly brutal for me.
the second is Bryan Kest's Power Yoga, recommended in a thread on this board. my flexibility has improved hugely as a result, in my back, legs and shoulders, and i can feel my muscles getting longer and stronger. i'm sticking mainly to the first PY dvd, occasionally the second, which is quite demanding.

since i started those i've knocked a minute off my personal best for a 2 mile run and now on my first time out on the longer distance in 6 months i've knocked 8 minutes off that too. the only thing i don't have going right now is a weights program, but these dvds once or twice each a week, coupled with the occasional half hour swim, two runs a week and tennis, is definitely working for me. so i thought i'd share- with this routine my body fat is lower, my muscles are stronger, and i feel a lot fitter. not recommended if you're trying to get a big upper body though- for that, this is useless. god knows how i'll cope when i finally get the job i'm after....


Congats! Running 4 miles avg under 7 1/4 minutes is pretty good. Keep up the good work and stay motivated.


What's the best way to increase flexibilty fast?
i have been amazed by the increase in flexibility in my hamstrings especially from doing the yoga. the deep breathing is an integral part of the poses, especially in relation to the back, and focusing on it allows you to relax tension in stretched muscles, letting you go further without getting injured.

my shoulders' flexibility has also been especially helped by a pose called parsvottanasana, although frankly that extra flexibility has screwed my serve up a bit- the timing feels different now!

disclaimer: gotta warm up properly or you may hurt yourself.

thanks mrHan, it feels really good to keep improving, so for now motivation is not a problem!
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