I have virtually no string experience, help please!


Hey everyone.

I've never really experimented with strings, never gone far past Xcel or Pro Hurricane Tour really. I want a string that really grabs the ball and inflicts maximum spin whilst feeling solid and firm. I've had k90's strung with champions choice and I cant say im a fan of the way it feels, weird eh, its just the gut feels trampoliney and soft, I prefer the firmness of poly.

So basically, poly with maximum spin potential. What do you recommend? I saw that interview with James Blake where he said the string he uses grabs the ball, or maybe wait out until the new babolat strings available to everyone?


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If I were you I'd try out Babolat's latest synthetic gut, N.vy, instead. And there's the old standby, Prince's Topspin 15L, the one with Duraflex added in.
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My current combo gives feel, firmness, durability, high tension maintenance and grabs the ball. Ashaway kevlar for the mains and natural gut for the cross.