I just realized that I can S&V


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Today I was serving really big w/ my new HPS 6.1's and I was getting enough time to come to the net after my 1st serve. It felt really comfortable for some reason and I was able to put pressure on my opponents ground strokes. I think that S&Ving will really help to reduce fatigue in long matches because I can end points quicker and not resort to banging away the short sitters. I've been a baseliner thus far and I have a clay court style.

Most of you may not care but I'm in a good mood.

ps. My 1hbh is still really inconsistent and gay so I'm still using my 2hbh in matches.


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I actually had a similar experience this past high school season. I was playing a match and for some reason I was getting pulled to the net more than I generally like, but it was magically working...and I mean magic because before that my volleying was horrible. Perhaps the guy I was playing wasn't very good at defending against net play, but it worked. Gotta love it when that stuff happens.


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When I'm against a net rusher, I usually go all out and aim straight for thier head. That usually makes them think twice after hitting them :). I also would use lots of topspin lobs. Once I have them in the baseline, Ill usually keep them back.


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Unfortunately, your tactics won't do much against me. I don't flail like a woman when a ball is launched at me and I can rush down the deepest and most topped out lobs without worries. Only way you can stop me is by passing me.


The serve and volley is a great weapon when used correctly, and your worst nightmare if you play it incorrectly. I played a net rusher who won the first 2 games with this tactic. Final score in the set was 6-2 in my favor. I warned this guy to stop rushing the net, but he wouldn't listen so I lobbed his lights out. The best method of attacking the net is to make sure your serves have good pace on them, otherwise you'll be running right back to where you came from, chasing the ball that you thought was an easy putaway. Remember, don't rush in on weak serves, it can lead to a poor s&v game.


perfmode said:
Unfortunately, your tactics won't do much against me. I don't flail like a woman when a ball is launched at me.

I don't think the women on the board (or even the effeminate men) will appreciate that slip. :lol: I'm not even sure I know what you mean, but I've got a great visual going in my head.

And you'll appreciate the value of shorter points as you start to get old and fat.
Went through a similar thing, playing around here anyway.

I'm pretty tall, about 6'1 or so and quick on my feet so i'm usually in past the service line before the ball comes back so it was working out great, but competetively (i,e this tournament the weekend) coming to the net would rarely happen, unless off a great approach shot due to the sheer pace and placement of their strokes makes volleying hard. So basically around here I can, but competitevely im stuck to slugging it out baseline style haha :p

I know the feeling though its great, you feel like no baseliner can touch you haha.