I know what made roddick be sick today.......


He wore that honkin ugly army green shirt w. matching colour trucker hat to play ball in...that's enough to make anyone sick.....bah :0 it looks like his mom dressed him, and he must think THAT looks cool somehow? what a dork.....ed

Richie Rich

Agree with you Ed that the color was not the best. However, if I was being paid by a clothing company to wear their stuff I could give a rats *** what it looked like. Just to add I would draw the line at a Serena like cat suit :lol:
That gives me bad flashbacks of Guga's horrendous striped neon jobs of old....

Gotta give the guy credit though...the red hat puts it over the top!


The more stuff like Roddick's outfit or Serena's cat suit or Andre's old denim... makes you appreciate Wimbledon's rules. Players and their agents have notoriously bad taste in clothes. They need some adult supervision.


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I like the blue shirt and shorts/yellow sleeves and collar. It looks a helluva lot better than Roddick's crap ever does.
C'mon fellas! The green top looks just SMASHING! I would pair it better with some khaki shorts, tailored a bit in the tushy and short like McEnroe used to wear to show off those to die for thighs! Maybe some black socks and shoes (Roddick is an "autumn" {and he could be my bottom, baby!} after all), and one of those wristy things in white. The cap is all wrong. It needs to contrast with the shirt, so I'm thinking something in white as well. Those tennis outfits can be SOOOOOO cute!
Carson Kressley
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"show off those to die for thighs!"

I can't stop laughing. A-train's favorite insult would appropriate here!


Well, green is my favorite color so I must be honest and say that I actually like that shirt. I wouldn't buy it ever, but I mean the green I think is a perfect shade.