I like Gasquet


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Gasquet's my favourite player by far in the men's tour, irrespective of his results. The first time I saw him play was at the Sydney open in 2007 when he lost to Moya. I have heard of him earlier when he beat Federer and his clash with Nadal was hyped at the Roland Garros, but never seen him play.

At the time of my writing, Gasquet's to play Tsonga in the 4th round of Wimby 2007. I am happy he managed to reach the second week at wimby because now there are more chances to watch him play live on TV. Although I purchase daily passes at Wimby site to download and watch his match, I prefer to watch it live on TV.

The thing about Gasquet is his beautiful backhand, blah blah blah. But more than that, its his entire game that I like. A forehand that he slaps with his wrist and suddenly comes up with that flat forehand that produces a winner from nowhere. There are so many aspects to his game and when he gets that all right, he is going to be great to watch.

I am surprised by the lack of his commitment and his mental breakdown when he serves for a set or a match. Even more surprised that with all these flaws he is still in the top 20.

I only hope that he rises in rankings and gets some good results so I can watch him more on TV.

Big Fed

I like dat crispy backhand! He get a tough match against Tsonga. Tsonga is a monster hitter that moves tremendosly. I havent seen Gasquet play a big hitter yet.