I loved playing in America

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  1. I am 29 years old and i used to be ranked 1100 in singles and 1000 in doubles. I was in America in 2004 and 2005 playing the Futures there, and i have to say that i envy you who lives in America. I just loved everything about the country,the cars,the tennis-stadiums,the hotel,the women the culture the climate,everything! That was the best weeks of my life, i have a job that pays fairly ok and i enjoy my life here in Sweden but God i miss USA:cry:
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    It's great to hear something positive about the USA from someone overseas, thanks for that.
  3. You are welcome, i love USA. Very similar to Sweden in many many ways but still very different.
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    I'll 2nd atatu. This thread actually made my day. The sniping at the US - especially now because of the economic woes - is an everyday affair - and everyone is piling on with glee.

    Magician, what parts of our country did you get to see?

    I respect people from N EU for being able to handle the winters. I grew up in PA but now live in So Cal - if it gets under 50 degrees I get very grumpy.

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