I miss faster courts


So many threads on TW talk about the slow down in the pro game, but it has seeped down to other levels as well, at least for me.

The public courts I play at outdoors both in my hometown and on the road when I play tourneys, and even the indoor courts at my club are considerably slower than the courts from my youth.

I'm not asking for lightening fast, but some more speed would be nice. I played a tourney in Wisconsin this summer, and by buddy and I practiced at some old courts before playing the tourney. At first they seemed so fast, but after a while we got used to it. They were perfect in my opinon. They weren't so fast that you couldn't play defensively or didn't reward patience, but they rewarded good shots and you could really put away a winner due to the speed of the courts.

The tourney courts were obsecenely slow and bounced very high.

All of these courts were hard courts by the way.

I returned to tennis 2 years ago after a couple of years off and I've been conviced that due to my age or my racquet, I lack the bite on my shots I once had. But, I'm realizing that it's the courts, and I've had to change my game accordingly.


Bionic Poster
Not sure what is used to re-surface these hardcourts but it sure is abrasive and really slows down the ball. One is cushioned and nearly any ball is retrievable. Certainly not the fast cement courts from the 70s, eh?