I miss matches like 2006 US Open Federer v. Roddick :(

This is (yet) another reason why Federer is so great. He has played through the modern evolution of tennis from a sport that favoured attacking multi-dimensional players to one that favoured players that adopted a counter punching, defence orientated, one dimensional baseline strategy. It is simply incredible that he has managed to adapt and thrive. Anyone who still holds the deluded belief that 2004-2007 is a weak era should start by watching the 2005 Safin-Federer semi final. One of the greatest tennis matches of all time in regard to quality of play.
When I revisited the Fed-Safin Aussie semi over the off-season, it looked like a completely different era of the sport! Which I guess it is, but it looked like it could have been 1995 instead of 2005. You never see both guys playing so aggressively, taking the ball so early, refusing to back off on deep shots – just standing up on the baseline and taking big cuts no matter what. You never see anyone these days hit as flat as Safin did. Even their returning was aggressive! Count the return winners. And the sheer variety of shots from Fed! And both guys not shy about taking the net!
Yep, each guy trying to dominate the point. There's a greater number of amazingly executed points in that match than in the entire 2019 year.


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Forehanderer versus frat boy net chargerer.

So much better than matches nowadays.

I remember feeling emotionally invested in such matches.

i have been watching tennis from 1999 and i can easily say that roddick had the hands of a construction worker at the net......rafa and djoko developed a far better volley over the course of their career than roddick ever did.....

i don’t get the point of nostalgic threads......past is always sweet, not just in tennis but in life, the older the days the better they were......