I need a new pair of shoes... suggestions?

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So i was wearing some low budget pair of addidas shoes... tirand III's if i recall, and i have now rolled my ankle in them twice. I am planning on getting a pair of ankle supports, but i need new shoes... any suggestions it would be prefferable if you could suggest a pair under $100.

Thanks in advance


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if you are willing to be in extreme pain for like an hour and then want amazing shoes, air vapors are the ****. Best shoes ive used.

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okay, thanks for the suggestions, i've thought about using the barricade V's but i've also heard about the prince T-9's, has anyone used them?


I used the T-9 Roadsters for a couple high school seasons. Good shoes, very comfortable. They fit kinda like skate shoes, if you're familiar with those, very low to the ground. Especially given their price right now, I'd strongly recommend them, even tho TW has some pretty good deals on last season's nikes right now.


Try the Babolat Propulse 2. I was playing in the Adidas Featherr II and although it's very light and breathable, I have almost turned my ankle a few times and narrowed my search down to the Propulse 2 and the NB CT1004. The NB felt a little lighter but the Propulse is more supportive. Plus, I had the Propulse I, but bought them too small. I thought they would break out a little but never did so I stopped playing in them and went back to the Feathers. I got the Propulse 2 and played them today. I ear a 10.5 in Adidas but had to get an 11 in the Propulse.

I also tried the Asics Gel Resolution, a few years ago, which was more supportive than the Feather, but surprisingly stable given how light it is. Beware, the soles squeak alot.

I just find the Barricades to be cumbersome and something in the toebox feels rubbery when it flexes.


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I had the same exact problem as you. The Tirend III is well cushioned in heel. It really feels like a pair of running shoes. I twisted my ankle times over times. In fact, I was playing w/one of the members here, and he saw witness my pain.

I now switched to Nike Air Vapor V. It is so far beyond Tirend III. I also tried on a pair of Barricade, problem still exist there. The Air Zoom Advantage is another option, but the quality is not up to par with Vapor V. Vapor VI is okay, but not as stable on forefoot as V.

Oh yeah, The Breathe Cage I and II is decent too...