I Need a New String

I play with a Head Youtek Radical Pro first i tried babolat hurricane 16G at 62lbs, its just an average string with pretty good durability it palys similar to the 361 string. Then i tried babolat hurricane tour 16G to see if i could access more spin so i did, and as well i noticed the string was very stiff i had it strung at 62 lbs. Then i tried RPM blast 16G 62lbs however it felt good at first then after about a week of play around 20 hrs of play it felt dead, it had no more power no spin no nothing it made me very angry, it felt like a piece of junk. However my club sells: Head, Luxilon, Babolat so i wonder if i should try luxilon BB rough, so i was wondering if its gonna be better like more power, spin and durability like i mean not dying out that quickly. So people say you have to string it 10% less like then 62-6= 56lbs. So if you guys would recomend a string to help my play that would be great! thanks!
First of all you must be seriously mistaken.
If RPM went dead after 20 hours, you're looking at a golden poly.
And second,
If tension maintenance is an issue you should look into Black Code.
then it probably was hardly 6 hours...haha my bad. but yes i was looking maybe into black code..but how does it play? like compared to rpm or hurricanepro?
Maybe try a 17g rough with some syn gut. thats what I have in mine.
i dont like 17g at all it breaks too easily for me and i hate hybrids they feel like junk to me unfortunaltly so ill play with is full polyys. so i was wondering if it would paly good at 56lbs, 16g? by its self no hybrid.


I've seen the genesis typhoon strings. They are in a hexagon shape and are really good for ripping spin. They look like good strings. Another really good string that i have tried is spin fire. Its really durable and hardly moves. Recommended tension would be 25 kg.


The problem with the YT Rad Pro is that the very open string pattern eats strings pretty quick. I would break synthetic guts and multis within a couple hours. Full poly is the way to go with this racquet in my opinion, but then you have the issue of no poly is going to hold its tension for a long time.

So, if you are looking for durability, I would suggest you start with a couple polys that excell at tension maintenance. I use WC Turbotwist in this racquet and it does well. However, by the 20 hour mark the strings usually break or need to be cut out anyway. Other options would be something like SPPP or WC Silverstring. Others may have some other suggestions.

I never found a Lux string that excelled at tension maintenance, they are more of a performance string that plays well then loses tension at a pretty fast rate (at leat the Lux ALU strings I have used). Head's Sonic Pro is a pretty good all around poly, but I don't think you will get 20 hours of play out of it. Same with RPM Blast and Pro Hurricane. I think you will have to look beyond Head, Bab, and Lux strings to find what you are looking for.