I need advice to choose one of these 2 racquets


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I am an intermediate player (3.5).
I am not on the weak side, but I'm not particularly strong either. 54 years old.
I like to do a fair mix of slicing the ball for spin, and just a straight stroke for more power. I have been playing for a few years out of trial and error, but recently I had been taking private lessons.

I presently use a 20 year old Prince Graphite Tournament Oversize. I had been happy with it, but lately, I've been curious to try something more contemporary.
I am between these 2 down here:

1. HEAD Liquidmetal Flexpoint


2. HEAD TI Fire

Which one is a better racquet?

Thanks in advance guys!


HEAD Liquidmetal Flexpoin



"HEAD Liquidmetal Flexpoint" should work better for you. Fire is extended lengh and is more compact at 98".

But do yourself a favor and spend a few bucks on lead tape to add some mass to this 275g frame.


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I'd say go with the Fire just because it looks cooler. If these racquets are that close performance wise use that as a tie break.


No offense, but those are two pretty bad choices. I would try finding a middling-spec racket from ~5 years ago on **** for dirt cheap, and you may be astonished at how much better it will play than those two.