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    Ok, I have been playing one year now and I am already a 3.5 player. Some people say I have achieved a lot in one year but I disagree. I can win against most people in my club (I live in South Jersey), but when I play the better ones, I lose. I work so hard and would do anything my coach told me if it was going to get me better at tennis. I have lost 2 previous matches and I'm feeling like crap. My coach said I opened out too much and I needed to keep my racket face closed.

    Either way, I am wondering why I cant get better, I want to keep winning and winning and getting better and better. I want to prove to people I will do anything for tennis. Should I just play tennis and keep practicing and practicing? Or should I work on my physical and nutritional conditioning? Or both? Or am I too burnt out? Just tell me what to do........please.......I need to get better......=(
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    Why would you be upset if you lose playing better players? Of course your going to lose...THEY ARE BETTER THAN YOU. If you are trying to get better and you always play people you can beat...than youre doing it wrong. People who are good at what they do will more or less "fail their way to where they are". Which means what you feel is a negative experience such as losing is actually a situation that you learn and gain experience from and you should be assesing why you are doing what you are doing to cause you to lose and build up from there. Professionals are not automatically good they had to lose alot matches, play and practice day in and day out and pay their dues to get where they are. You have a long ways to go and you have only just begun. If your pissed and frustrated now, just wait...

    Secondly ratings don't really mean much (to guage your exact level of play) as it varies from region to region. For example: You live in South Jersey and you self rate a 3.0 and lets say there are a total of 5 2.5 players and a total of 6 3.0 players (just for sake of numbers). You play some of the 3.0 players (some of which barely made it out of the 2.5 level) in a league and beat them making you a 3.5 at the end of the year. While on the other had north jersey has 89 2.5 players and 136 3.0 players. In order to become a 3.5 player in north jersey, you would have beat an incredibly larger field of 3.0 players to make it to 3.5. Many of which are likely very high 3.0 players who have way more experience and skill than you do. Obviously a person who becomes a 3.5 player in north jersey will more than likely be a better well rounded, skillful 3.5 player than you. Which can equate to 4.0 level player in your area. Know what I mean? This scenario is very common and many people are accused of sandbagging because of it. If you ever make it to sectionals or nationals, you'll know what im talking about. Just saying...

    Also fyi, after the 3.5 benchmark it is going to get very hard to be moved up. You might of made it to 3.5 in a year, but if you made it to 4.0 trying to reach 4.5 it may take years (depending). All you can do is play and practice hard and gain as much experience as you can.

    Good luck man
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    Dude, 50% of everyone who plays a match will lose. Why do you think you are immune to this fact?
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    You just have to accept that for most it takes a long time to develop into a decent tennis player even when you do everything right. Just keep playing and improving the weaker aspects of your game and you will improve. I've felt the same way now and then but I just keep on goin.
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    If you feel mentally tired, mabye a week off or two will do you some good. Doing too much in a short period of time and expecting huge gains not realised will leave you overtrained, injury prone and and frustrated.
    If not, then continue to play more, get match experience and learn. Watch better players and learn from them. Tiring out early in matches? Then mabye you need to adopt healthy eat habbits and pay attention to your off court training ( cardio, weights etc).

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