I predict Tursunov gets beat bad by Federer

I seem to like to out on limbs so there you have it.

Ok my new prediction is the match will be close and go to 3 sets, but Federer will still win and easy in the 3rd.


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I don't like sitting on the fence either, too many splinters. Ill raise your prediction, Federer wins in straight sets.


zhan said:
federer's footwork got tangled up a little bit
and he kissed the dirt
ugh...i cant watch the match...but im wathing the live scores...pathetic, yes, but it works...


hmmmm . . . so much for predictions. anyway, isn't tursunov leading the silly us open series? so, he can't be all that bad.


zhan said:
why not woman?
somehow i got roped into watching my little cousin at my uncles house because my dad just sold my car...ok that makes no sense whatsoever, but its a really long story and anyways, my cousin is watching some disney channel show and wont let me watch tennis...
i hope that makes a little bit of sense, but i doubt it...