I think AO is the tournament with the most epic matches for the last 12 years or so


All the members of the Big 3 and Murray and Wawrinka have had some really great matches here.
The Big 3 have epic matches everywhere (even if Nadal had minimal success here, I think he was involved in epic matches like 2017). Djokovic and Federer are AO GOATS.
Murray (though he had no wins) had many good matches.
Wawrinka is involved in some really epic matches at AO even before he started winning slams (also his first slam win is AO).
I think none of the other slams had as many epic matches among these Top 5 as AO.

Maybe because of the schedule, everyone is fresh at the AO.


I always look at the Aussie as the prequel to the long book, lots of anticipation and backstories to build from to bring you into the story.


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Because of 2 MAIN reasons.

1- The players that play the most entertaining tennis are ALL above the age of 30.

2- These players are fresher at the AO.