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Creation Date Feature added. Go to your User CP and Date created should now be a sort option. Also, you can click the date created option on the forum display page.

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I don't see anything like that in the User CP, or in 'Edit Options', Jon. I see it at the bottom of the Forum display pages only - but we have to reset it to sort 'By Creation Date' EVERY time we visit a Forum display page, because the default is to sort by 'Last Post Time'. This is strange, because directly under that is the 'From' option (to view the threads FROM the last week, last month, etc.) and when we set that, it remains at where we set it - there is no need to reset it every time we visit a Forum. The same with the 'Sort Order' option - it, too, once set, is retained in memory, and need not be reset. But the 'Sort by' option always reverts back to 'Last Post Time' every time we visit a Forum page, and must be reset upon each visit to sort by Creation Date. This necessitates the Forum page being reloaded upon EVERY visit in order to sort by Creation Date, which, after a while, becomes rather annoying. Why isn't this retained in memory as the other settings are?

It would be much better if we could set it just once - either at the bottom of the Forum display page, or in our individual preferences ('Edit Options') - and it would be retained, as it was on the last board, so that our personal 'default' is what we ourselves have set it to.



Yes, I made it so you could set this as default but the new script for this generated some odd errors so I removed it. As of now you can't set it as a default sort option. When I get extra time I will review it again. I think its a good suggestion and I will try to finish it when time permits.

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