I want to see davis cup France vs Spain

Max G.

Actually, didn't it mostly turn out to be not too exciting?

Federer won his matches easily, Heuberger and Kratochvil lost theirs equally easily. The only match that could have gone both ways was the doubles.


...whoops. I thought you were talking about France vs. Switzerland. My bad.


We're talking bout future Spain vs. France semis. TTC will have it, and I know that my spanish boys will take out the French soundly. They'll lose the doubles, but thats about it. Trust me Zach, Moya and Ferrero are just too good on clay at home with the crowd behind them. I like Grosjean a lot, but he can't threaten either, neither can Clement, and especially not Escude on the clay.
I think it's very likely Spain and the USA will be in the final. And Spain will kick the USA's butt on clay in Spain. But I'd like to be there to watch it. :D


You tell 'em PCMD,

Your man Moya and my main man Ferrero will take the french out and knock them back to g@y Paris.

Come on Ferrero!!!!