I want Zverev or Wawrinka against Djokovic in final.

What do you predict for the Australian Open Final?

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With an injured and exhausted Federer against Djokovic at the top of his form in his best tournament, I don't see much suspense for this match. I think it's 95-5 at this point.

Another Djokodal final would be super boring too. Chances would be around 85-15 for Djokovic.

That's why I hope we have another final this year. Djokovic/Wawrinka matches are always epic in GS. They went 3 times to the 5th set in Australia. The USO and FO finals were awesome too. Since 2013, Wawrinka is about the only player who could really challenge the best Djokovic in this tournament.

Djokovic/Zverev would be interesting too. Zverev already crushed him twice in important finals, he has the game to beat all the Big-3. And he has never reached a SF in Slams. He looks like he is playing his best tennis this year, so he would have absolutely nothing to lose in final.

Djokovic/Thiem is the last option. Their last match in London was great but I thought he didn't play well in his 2 FO finals against Nadal. IDK, I think Wawrinka or Zverev would have more chances than Thiem, in a potential final against Djokovic.

I also hope we avoid a Nadal/Wawrinka SF. Think Nadal would destroy him. I want either Nadal/Zverev or Wawrinka/Thiem in SF. For the suspense of the upcoming matches, those would be the best matches IMO.

Sadly, I think this is exactly what will happen. Wawrinka beats Zverev, Nadal beats Thiem and Wawrinka, Djokovic destryoys Nadal in final again. :(

Can you please answer my poll? I'm interested to see your predictions.