I was skeptical, but glad I tried...


A low tension poly/syn gut hybrid...game changer!

Background - Played college tennis, got badly hurt at the end, took 12 years off, got back into the game 3 months ago. Used to play the old Pure Control with a syn gut at mid to high 50’s so came back that setup.

Decided on a whim to string with a poly (Tour XR) at 50lbs, wasn’t terribly impressed. After it broke, strung it up at 44lbs and it was like everything came to life. Balls I was spraying were dropping in, touch was much improved, and it was more comfortable!

Now obviously Tour XR is cheap now but was interested in trying Pro Line X, Focus Hex, and possibly Big Hitter but wanted to know how they hold tension.

With any poly, I know it will die off eventually but would much rather look to something that is playable for a while.

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Welcome, SRUalum!

Go to TW's String Database, choose which strings and which data you want from the right side, and click on 'Get Report'. There are several types of tension loss to choose from. I used to know the differences between them all, but I've forgotten, and I can't seem to locate TW's explanation of them. Perhaps some other poster can break them down for us. For my own purposes, I just look at Total Tension Loss (%).

As a general rule, you'll find that the stiffer polys tend to hold tension better.

If, like my wussified elbow and me, you like the softest feel you can get while still having good tension maintenance, you might take a look at the exceptions to that general rule: Iso-Speed Cream 17, Solinco Hyper-G 18, Solinco Outlast 18, and a few others.


Thank you for the feedback and info!

I checked out TWU and was pretty surprised at the tension loss info on the Kirschbaum strings as they’re supposed to be prestretched. MSV Focus Hex has good numbers as do the ones you recommended, I will pick up packs of those three to try but I can get reels of the Focus Hex much cheaper than the Solinco so that might play into it.