I will marry Bill Gates


Gates and Letterman proceeded to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches together and Letterman ran a list of potential tech advances past him, including “lunar power,” “television that watches you,” and … “an internet app that will screw up elections.”

“Yeah, there are people working on that,” Gates quipped after the last suggestion.

Bill Gates tries a peanut butter and Worcestershire sauce sandwich made by David Letterman. (Netflix screen grab)

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Remember Windows 3.1 and 3.11?
Before my time. I first had trouble on Windows 95 because the mouse setup wasn't compatible with championship manager. You would load the game and then the pointer wouldn't move. This rookie computer user didn't have the brain to work out how to change settings back then. But still, myself and Mr. Gates got off to a rocky start and never really recovered. Despite the fact that I never changed from Windows after that. :p


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I hate to see any long-term marriage end, but it's actually something of a miracle this one lasted so long. I've seen Melinda speak in public (not in person, no) and it's clear empathy and social work come naturally to her. In contrast Bill as y'all know is more analytic, a born nerd who reportedly had to juggle the pros and cons of marriage on a whiteboard before agreeing to tie the knot. And as you might recall from the antitrust saga the guy can be quite pugnacious, a virtual must for all gazillionaires.

But probably more relevant is the fact that Melinda is a lifelong Catholic unlike her hubby, and while Bill's irreligious views seem to have mellowed over the years it's safe to say he remains an unbeliever. That just doesn't bode well for an everlasting partnership.

My guess is that the two held on for the kids - "two people close to them" told the NYT the relationship had "neared collapse" "several times" - and now that the youngest is a legal adult (18) they have decided it's no use delaying the inevitable any longer. Whatever it is I wish them the best.


:laughing: :-D :eek:, if you are a guy, there are lot of multi-billionaire heirs floating around that are younger and much more physically attractive to go after. You just have to be an Ivy League graduate with social connections to the jet set crowd.


Good luck with dating Gates. Hope you enjoy being vaccinated. I've often joked that i'm guessing to shake Gates hand one has be vaccinated a half dozen times in advance. Couldn't imagine requirements for dating.


Good to know ... give me the $ and you help with charity work and I will feel like I am helping.
These heirs are not stupid! You will have to sign a pre-nupital that gives you an allowance during the marriage and if luck a couple of million as a divorced settlement with you paying the lawyer that representing you! This forces you to go along with the pre-nuptials!


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No reason to compete with me. I am planning on quick divorce ... and I will invite you over to dinner before I say I want a divorce. We can also invite @Sentinel ... he just wants cake.
It won’t be a competition; I already know the gut/poly hybrid I will install for him in the new stick I will recommend. My tonic for his game will raise his NTRP from 2.5 to 4.5 in six months.