Idea: Andre Agassi livestrong bracelets!


I came up with this idea last night while watching the Agassi match. He should make livestrong bracelets! Not literally livestrong, of course, but the same idea. I mean, it's perfect.

First, I think it would be a great thing to remember him by. I mean, you can wear them anywhere, and I've seen so many people wearing them while playing tennis. Besides, the Lance Armstrong ones have become SO popular and there's so many spinoffs so Agassi's should sell well.

Second, it would be great for charity. Agassi is already a great humanitarian and this would be a way to add to his selfless actions. The money raised could be donated to some children's foundation or tennis foundation or anything. Again, I think they would sell really well.

Third, it's Andre Agassi for crying out loud. If Lance can do it, Agassi can definitely do it.

But I think if they are going to make them, they should be the same quality as the Lance ones. The spinoffs are really cheap looking and they aren't as durable.

What do you guys think??? I really really think this is a good idea.


What would they look like, you know the color? Maybe skin color to represent his bald head. Everyone recognizes the bald head. Just kidding.................

The wristband idea is overused and has run its course. Not a good idea. Sorry.


roddick already has the wristband also. It'd be very unoriginal.
Cool idea though, he should get something of that sort.


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Maybe he should have some sort of necklace, kinda like the "daddy rocks" one he wears or something. Would be different.


those are pretty outta style now just fyi they were in when live strong were the only ones like 2 years ago now they have them for everything