Idea for the World Tour Finals


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As we know, the last regular event of the year has become a little boring. The top guys want to rest for the finals. The guys under 15 dont really care much as its their last event. Only really the guys ranked 6 - 11 care.

I was thinking that a new format could be introduced, which rewards players for single efforts in tournies. Here is the format:
- 16 players chosen based on the next conditions in order:
- all slam semi-finalists winners or losers qualify
- all Masters winners or finalists qualify
- if there are still spots open then the spots will be filled by the highest players not already on this list.

Based on this format here would be the qualifiers for 08, 09 and so far, 2010:
1. Nadal
2. Federer
3. Djokovic
4. Murray
5. Tsonga
6. Monfils
7. Shutler
8. Safin
9. Mardy Fish
10. Wawrinka
11. Kiefer
12. Nalbandian
13. Davydenko
14. Simon
15. Roddick
16. Del Potro

1. Federer
2. Nadal
3. Soderling
4. Roddick
5. Del Potro
6. Verdasco
7. Gonzales
8. Haas
9. Murray
10. Davydenko
11. Monfils
12. Tsonga
13. Stepanek
14. Cilic
15. Simon
16. Robredo

2010, so far:
1. Nadal
2. Federer
3. Soderling
4. Berdych
5. Murray
6. Cilic
7. Melzer
8. Djokovic
9. Ljubicic
10. Roddick
11. Verdasco
12. Ferrer

As you can see, a lot more smaller names are on here. This qualification system gives the advantage of making every big event worth something. It gives guys incentive to play right through the season, in hopes of 1 good event.

The tourny format would be as follows:
- split into four groups of 4. 8 seeds determined solely by points earned in slams
- Only the group winners advance. From there its a knockout.

Obviously this system will never happen, but I think it would be cool. Just like to see what you guys think about it