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Discussion in 'Strings' started by jet660, Jan 18, 2006.

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    These are for the guys who love to help the little guys. Need some advice (more like guidence haha) I been stringer for a while and decided to change my string line for my Prince Diablo Tour. I used to use PSG w/DF and PSG O, but lately breaking them quite often. So, I decided to to use Big Bang for the mains at 63 and PSG at 62, which is really tight! Not sure it is too high or too low. I really like this hybrid, but I am not sure what is ideal tension for more of a control player b/w 4.5-5.0 . This is the first time using a hybrid set. I would like your hear your suggestions both string tension and other hybrids sets. Thanks!: :eek:
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    Standard advice from string manufacturers is to drop tension 10% when switching from a nylon-based string to a poly. I also hope your shoulder holds up for the switch you've made.
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    IMO, you have to find the combination that works for you best by experimenting with different setups. The method I used was to see which combinations let me take a full stroke on my forehand(my strongest stroke) without having to think about controlling the shot while keeping the ball in the court, but as deep as possible. Since I play a lot of doubles, I had to do the same thing with volleys. I use poly mains(ALU Power 16L) and nat gut crosses(16g), both at 58 lbs. in a PK Laver S.
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    So far my shoulder is holding up. Right now the strings bed have no give, more like a wall for me. When I use PSG, the ball tend to bounce higher after hitting, but now it is much more flatter than before. Was practicing serving and it was way too stiff. usually i am more of a baseliner with hitting powerful returns. Isn't that with polys you need to string it higher b/c of initial high tension loss?

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