Identifying vintage Slazenger

Henry Hub

I bought this racket last week and am trying to do some sleuthing to identify its age and model. I have pored over Jeanne Cherry’s book but can’t definitively tie down its age from the clues below so wondered if someone with more expertise might be able to shed some light on it?

As you can see, the racket has an isometric-style head, a convex wedge (suggesting it is pre-1920s) and the stamped Slazenger & Sons “Best is Best” star logo, which I understand was first used in 1890. There is no model name on the obverse of the wedge (though I suppose it may have faded), at the top of the head or along the throat.

The gut is pretty thick, suggesting an earlier racket, and there is copper thread trebling on the top and bottom crosses but no double stringing of the centre mains.

Finally, there is some tidy taping around the shoulders (again suggesting pre-1920s) and light bevelling between the taping, no collar around the throat (suggesting post-1890) and a conventional octagonal grip without any logo or other detail on the buttcap.

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beautieful racquet ;) the logo and shape of the racquet suggest around 1900.
i own a few Slazengers from that era but not this one. couldn´t find it in Küblers book of Tennis racquets either
could you post a pic of the buttcap?