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  1. Vermillion

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    Dec 30, 2007
    Ideology is a set of beliefs that guides an individual.

    Please feel free to write down your own beliefs that you have accumulated over the years and let us have a meaningful discussion about them.

    Here are some of mine that I have recently thought about:

    Less is really More.
    Discipline leads to results.
    Inspirations come from within--they are only triggered externally.
    Dreams are messages sent from the soul.

    Of course, in a thread like this, opinions will fly, but keep it civil so we can all get something out of this.

    In order to maintain structure for the rest of the thread, please discuss your thoughts previous posts and also share your own at the same time. Edit your posts and add to them if you are able to come up with more ideas.
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  2. SoBad

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    Aug 2, 2006
    Interesting idea for a discussion. Easier of course to comment on someone else’s set of beliefs than trying to come up with your own.

    Less is really More.
    So true so often. Far too often we are caught up in our assets and forget about our liabilities.

    Discipline leads to results.
    Perhaps, but what are the results we are after? A person is not a machine with a standard set of productivity measurements.

    Inspiration comes from within--they are only triggered externally.
    Does is really come from within if it is triggered externally? Inspiration is external by definition, I would think.

    Dreams are messages sent from the soul.
    Dreams are a product of the subconscious mind, there is no question about it.

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