If if if Nadal comes back in 2024 and plays well, would it mean something if if if Alcaraz beats him at RG?


Nadal isn't coming back.
Alcaraz won't be losing to him anywhere even if he does.

Nadal could barely handle an 18-year old Alcaraz in the first half of 2022 when he won the AO and FO, he has literally zero chance now when he's probably a fraction of that player (let alone peak Nadal) and Alcaraz is 10x better.
Yes that indian wells 2022 match was to me the real changing of the guard moment. Yes nadal won but to me it was clear alcaraz was ready to move the game on to a new level fairly soon. Beating djokovic in sw19 sort of confirmed it


Agreed: Nadal has only lost matches when "injured". AO v. Stan, who was already blowing the so-delicate, enhanced Spaniard off the court..

I am so glad Wawrinka won that match.
Nadal spent a career just abusing that god-like Wawrinka backhand