If it wasn’t for throatgate and Wimbledon being cancelled..


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In all seriousness the percentages on a 3 slam year are pretty slim just because a 3 slam year is very hard to actually achieve even if you are the favourite for 3 slams in a year. Novak's own career is easy proof of this. Barring 2017-mid 2018 he's been the favourite at every non RG slam since 2011 basically, and he "only" has two 3 slam years.


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If it wasn't for covid- Nadal would have defended the US Open and Wimbledon would have been played.. if it wasn't for Novaks carelessness he might have won the US open.. if it wasn't again for covid the French would have been played in the heat and the new balls wouldn't have been so detrimental for Rafa and he would have been able to beat Novak in Paris... if, if ,if.. hold on, Rafa decimated Novak in straight sets..serving up a bagel.