If you could improve 2 shots which would you?

Say you get an option to instantly improve 2 shots, which do you pick and why?

1st one you improve massively.
2nd one you improve half of the 1st one.

And you need to be specific (forehand topspin return, backhand slice return, kick serve, slice serve, forehand drop volley etc)
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I wanna pick the crazy back spin sliced dropshot that bounces on my opponent's court and then spins back to my court 4 feet outside of my opponent's reach. He crashes into the net face down while failing to hit it.

That's my 1st one.

My 2nd one is the same but bounces only halfway outside of my opponent's reach. He only gets entangled in the net and creates comedy. It's half funny as the first one.


Also why these two
1.Kick serve - My kick serve lacks consistency and I would be very scared to hit a really hard one down match point. This is a problem that was never solved over years of playing, so having a genie improve it for me would be great.

2. - Forehand topspin return - I think I'm just someone who cannot see fast things as well as other people, but in case that is not true, my forehand return needs work. I tend to whiff when going against big servers.
Topspin 2nd serve. Can go for more on 1st and start every point in a service game strong.
Forehand return of serve. BH is already pretty good and so I start every point in a return game strong.

Serve and service return are the most important shots in tennis.


Topspin 2nd serve. Can go for more on 1st and start every point in a service game strong.
Forehand return of serve. BH is already pretty good and so I start every point in a return game strong.

Serve and service return are the most important shots in tennis.
Bitcoin, eh?
1. Not so extreme topspin forehand, I need to learn the wrist slap snap power drive, that would be fun. For some reason I can do it on my one handed backhand, but that isn't a wrist snap, more of a plow.
2. Second serve kick serve, I don't have a kick serve, yet, would be nice to have an average one as an option on second serve. (since you said half improvement).
Topspin backhand drive, and kicker serve.

I dare say most players would be similar - they are the most common weaknesses, and tennis is about minimising weaknesses.


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Depends how good each is. I tend towards forehand groundstroke, or most specifically forehand crosscourt. A great slice serve can totally dominate a match, but a great kickserve rarely does. Cross court forehands are the meat and potatos of tennis.

1st - Forehand groundstroke
2nd - Slice serve

That should set up easier next balls for my forehand and back hand.


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Goes to show how important 2nd serve (kick even better) is seeing as pretty much everyone picked it hehe.
Even a good second serve, open players will get back. Then you might be out of luck. Open players can get dominated by a good slice. Especially a big lefty slice. I watched Blake and Gonzalez unable to break because lefty serves out wide were difficult. You keep that above 65% and you will beat alot.
1st - Backhand topspin.
2nd - Forehand.

My backhand topspin feels like a liability. I think the main problem is that almost as soon as I walked onto a tennis court I could hit a backhand slice so I've gotten trapped in a death cycle with the topspin variety as it's far too tempting to give up and just hit slices.

My forehand is just too variable in quality on a day-to-day basis for my sanity right now. Some days I feel like I can hit it with decent pace and have the spin, net clearance and location well under control and other days it's a shank waiting to happen and the spin and net clearance that pops out when I do hit it cleanly just ain't what I'm intending. There'll be a technical reason for it but I'm buggered if I know why atm.

For the most part I just need the opportunity to spend time grooving these shots and I don't really get it.
1. Flat first serve. I'm short 5-7 and can't hit my flat 1st serve at a high percentage. Being short gives me a smaller margin of error with the flat serve.
2. tweener - I've never been able to hit that shot in a real point. Would love to pass my opponent with a tweener.
Assuming ohbh, spin comes from pulling raq down with right hand ie both hands on.

power can be boosted by fully transferring the weight on to the front foot.

Over rotation is fixed by throwing the non dominant hand backwards ie spreading your wings aka Fed

Do those three things and you will have a pretty serviceable bh and certainly good enough for sword and shield
my forehand slice return. If I could hit that with pace and direction I would be a much tougher opponent.

Lob. My lob is just meh. Even a marginal improvement would make opponents think twice before rushing the net. Would make my life a little easier.
1. My serve toss for all serves, so I can be more consistent even under pressure or when there is a windy situation
2. My backhand, so I can hit with more confidence and power esp receiving heavy shots.
1. Bernard Tomic sidespinning returns of 1st serve.
2. My serve in general, would like to be able to hit 2 first serves.
(Ball toss needs improvement)

I also need to improve;
-Passing shots (esp in reply to sliced groundies or kick serves)
- Return of the body serve (Tomic sidespinner will help).
-Slice fh (and bh) passing shots, having moved forwards to a low ball. (Imcluding the off one)
- Off bh in doubles .
- Volleys when rushed (no time to get hand on throat)
- Slice bh approach shot.
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1st massive improvement for me would be fitness/footwork. I know that isn't a shot but that would pay more dividends that any technical improvement.

2nd would be serve.