If you could merge two players to form a monster player, who would you pick?


In other words, which two players would complement each other best.
I think it should be either :
1- Novak + Stef
2- Daniil + Rublev/Matteo
Please note I am talking about current players on current form so those active slam winner(s) legends who cannot even walk properly these days, are out of the question!


Hall of Fame
Take one of Federer, Nadal, or Djokovic and let them take the youth and lack of injuries from a younger player.

That player would win 20-40 slams.


Federer's tennis IQ, all-court game style, and feel really haven't left him, so combine that with Medvedev's everything else.

Maybe give him Federer's serve style but keep Med's height.