If you had to bet $1,000 - Federer never reaches another Grand Slam semifinal or he does?

If you had to bet $1,000 - Federer never reaches another Grand Slam semifinal or he does?

  • Never reaches another Grand Slam semifinal

    Votes: 7 9.6%
  • Reaches at least one more Grand Slam semifinal

    Votes: 66 90.4%

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It would be stupid to just forget what he did at the last few slams he played. But if he has chicken legs now it could very well be the end. Que sera sera.


He will, no question. As long as he's fit enough to play Slams, he can reach SFs, there's no reason to believe he couldn't. Most of the pathetic Next Gen mugs wouldn't beat him even if he was 50.

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Since Novak is ATPs new servebot, Fed will have to rely on Neo Backhand botting, which has proven deceitful at times...

But hey - if Karatsev can, so can Federer! (y)
I have full trust in the field to continue bending over. And if Djokovic decides to be crap again like he was last time on lawns of SW19, there is Federer's chance.


if there wasn't Nadalovic (or maybe even just Novak outside clay at this point), he'd be a number 1 (maybe no. 2) favorite at every slam bar RG


Just semifinal? Of course I'd bet on yes. Another slam is where it'd get interesting, I think that's 50/50.


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If his knee is not unduly impaired, he should easily make Wimbledon semifinal/final and possibly even AO semis as he was still one of the best fast court players before his injury. He might even win Wimbledon if he doesn’t have a healthy Novak on the other side of the net. Do you think any of the young guys can win battling the mental aura of a 8-time champion and the pro-Federer crowd if it is a Wimbledon final?


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Of course he can still reach semi’s, he just can’t any longer win slams.
Well US Open is always unexpected.

Also that Federer could practically beat Djokovic at WB 2019, shows that he has a good shot 2 years later, especially if he meets mostly new gen


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100% yes.

40 is the new 35 in sports, we can see it in both team sports and individual ones.

It is just that we are the first generation to see prolonged longevity of athletes, so we feel like it's weird - we'll get used to it.

Federer will play until at least 42, Nadal and Djokovic with the singularity-speed new advancements in medicine and technology could reach 45 years each.


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Federer likely wouldn't meet Djoker or Nadal until the semis. That leaves the younger crew, who's known to choke(see 2020 for the greatest chokefest ever). In addition, nobody under the age of 30(except Krygios, who is often drunk or worn out from womanizing) can play grass.

Can the insanely rusty dinosaur that's coming back from knee surgery reach a semi? It's definitely possible on grass. It's even possible at the AO with enough chokes from the younger players. Federer will need to be healthy for the entire tourney.

I see Federer being healthy for 2 entire slam events. I'd assume that 50% of slams will have many younger players choking to a point of needing the Heimlich. Given that, I see Federer reaching one more semi.