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I'll be in Chicago on business for 4 weeks (Starting 6/7). Any 4.5s want to hit singles or set up some doubles out at Humboldt Park? I've played there a few times and the court and lights have been great.
I could hit, but singles only, early mornings (before 9am) or maybe around lunch time. But Humboldt Park is not good for me, perhaps courts next to mcfetridge (Irving Park/California)
anyone still monitoring this thread?

its been nice this past week and unfortunately i haven't been able to hit much. anyone out there want to hit next week? i have been to this thread before but i will repeat that i am about a 4.5-5.0, played college, and used to be a teaching pro.

they took the nets down at the courts near me (arlington heights/mount prospect) but i am sure there are some around that are still up. i know park ridge never takes theirs down. i haven't been out to schaumburg much, but i am sure there are some out there as well. i also hit at river trails from time to time.

any takers? i'm dying to hit.


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anyone still monitoring this thread...
Six posts this year. Says something about the state of tennis in this area. October was beautiful and I barely played. I didn't play at all during this most recent stretch of nice weather. That was the last good opportunity this year, most likely. Now it's mooch of my friends with indoor membership season.:-?
I play at the River Trails off of Algonquin Rd. Prices have gone up though $20/hour between 10pm-12am only on Fridays but there are no guest/nonmember fees. If that doesn't work I usually play at Schaumburg (Tennis Plus) or at Hanover Park (center court).
I'm in the Chicago area, mid-3.0 and getting to a 3.5 by summer. I'm a member of a club in Aurora or would be interested in playing once summer comes.


Yes, I drove by Pioneer park yesterday about 6pm. Beautiful courts. No one was playing though. Are you hitting today or next week when it gets back up in the 70s?
Does anybody know someone who has a RDC machine I need to find out some specs for my racquet that I can't do by myself such as swingweight and stiffness.
Wheaton is not too far from me :)
I usually play in North Aurora, IL after 8pm at the intersection of Route 34 and Eola Rd.
Sometimes I play in Naperville or Elgin depending on what I am doing that day.
I’m going to be visiting Schaumburg July 18-20 and would like to hit if anyone is available. I’m a 4.0 because I’m mentally weak. My strokes hold up against better players if just hitting around.
I’m going to be visiting Schaumburg July 18-20 and would like to hit if anyone is available. I’m a 4.0 because I’m mentally weak. My strokes hold up against better players if just hitting around.
I work around Schaumburg. I will be back after July 22nd and would be interested in hitting. Probably a strong 4/weak 4.5 here.


I'm going to be in Rockford towards the end of this month probably until 3rd week of October visiting parents. Looking for players to hit with. I play doubles mostly but can play singles. I'm a 4.5 USTA league player. Might be able to play around the Schaumburg area as well. Anyone?


@voytek and @FedGR
I'm all set. I will be at Rockford this Saturday night. I should be free to hit on Sunday if you guys are free. How can we hook up?

I saw the pic of your rackets. Nice collection. I used to collect too but after a while got tired of keeping up. I've sold most of them. I have a few I kept but I also have a few I did a custom paint job on. The very first I made was my avatar. In the custom paint job section I just posted pics of my Golden State Warriors racket. Have you considered doing a paint job?

@Voytek Bunia
I actually demoed the new Djokovic sticks from here. I personally like the Pro and the MP. The S and the Lite are just too lite for me. The word that came to mind to describe the Pro and MP is "buttery". It is quite comfortable. Both are very stable. Not much plow through but not bad either. I would say the Pro is better from the baseline than the MP. The strings on it was quite stiff even when it was strung at suggested mid-tension. The string itself was stiff that's why it lost a little power but control was excellent. I bet if it was strung with something that has more give the full potential of the racket can be realized. If you have questions about it, let me know.
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@burosky Welcome! I will send you a pm with my contact info. I live in the city and work in Wheeling so could probably make it out to Schaumburg but driving even more west might be tough. It will be 1 hour for me to get to Schaumburg, each way.

Thanks for the comments on the collection. Well it is not really a collection, I am not planning on keeping them all, my goal is to probably keep 5 rackets of them.

Looking forward to seeing the GSW racket!