Im an Agassi, Nadal, and Sampras fan, but RF is GOAT.

Discussion in 'General Pro Player Discussion' started by pabletion, Jun 7, 2009.

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    In my book: What R. Federer has accomplished is astonishing. I have to admit I had discarded him of EVER winning RG after last year's final, I had given the French to Nadal by default for the next 3-4 years and with the upcomings of Murray, Djokovic and others I thought faith was drawn. Why I had a little part of me that didnt want Federer to be the GOAT? Call it sentimentalism, maybe... I loved Agassi, and when Sampras was the dominant one, I cheered against him, almost always, but when Pete was going down hill, I came around and did want him to be the all-time GS winner. I really liked him as the GOAT, mainly because he was an outstanding competitor, a true ambassador, somehow very un-american, meaning that he wasnt your typical arrogant #1 athlete that craved all the attention, and when questioned about his so laid back attitude, even by his peers (McEnroe, et al.) he never bothered to listen, proving he was out there to win, not to be a showman. He was all business and all about the tennis.
    Then came Federer, somewhat reminded me of someone I knew (Sampras). I saw that match where he beat Pete at Wimbledon, and I really though: that guy plays just like Sampras. His dominance was amazing, and when a lot of people counted him down and out (not me, believe me) he has tied the all time GS total.
    Now, with Federer's 14th GS and doing what Sampras could never do, and becoming only the 2nd player to win the true GS (in different surfaces), my hat is off to him and I'll give in and say he is the GOAT, even when I will always cheer for Nadal when they go head to head, or even pick Murray before Fed, but what he has done was falling near the impossible. What Pete has accomplished, no one can take it away from him; the same is true about Federer, which is by his own right the greatest ever, because everything that happens from now on will be measured against his accomplishments, wether anyone else likes it or not. Congratulations R. Federer, GOAT.

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