I'm looking for a new racquet for my Father.


He's getting back into the game after a long layoff, and needs a new racquet. I made some suggestions and he decided to demo the KSix-One Team. He enjoyed it but wants something that isn't so flexy. I suggested the KSix-One Team in the first place because he wouldn't have to work too hard to get power behind his shots and because he wanted something close to the weight of the racquet I use. Basically I'm looking for some suggestions for racquets for him to demo that are similar to the KSix-One but stiffer.


Some that are similar:

LM Radical MP
Babolat Pure Storm '07 (Open String Pattern Though)
Dunlop AG300 (Another Open String but same Weight)
Prince Speedport Red
Prince Speedport White
FXP Radical
Fischer M Pro Number One 98 Light

It terms of balance, there isn't much that is even like the Team. But these are all within the weight range, and are pretty well-rounded rackets, with a variation of some that have more control then others! Good luck!


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Try Prince Ozone 4. That is one pretty powered stick.

But more similar to K95 team is eh, well, maybe like a Pure Drive.