I'm looking for a string. Suggestions requested.


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I'm not picky so the cheaper, the better. I'd like something very soft (almost mushy) and very powerful or springy/lively feeling.

The few times I've tried natural gut, it's felt stiff to me.

When I've strung poly low, it gets close but the launch angle changed dramatically.

I'm currently messing around with a Head Graphene Radical MP. I acquired them used and they came prestrung with kevlar main and poly crosses at higher tension. I like the control but I'd like more power. I restrung one of them with Topspin Cyber Blue 17 at 40lbs and I like that better against the ball machine. I'm thinking of trying it at lower tension such as 35 but want to see what else is out there. My control didn't suffer either. The racquet feels fairly stiff and low powered which I like. I'm coming from a very flexible and heavy Prince Mono.

Thanks for reading my all over the place string request.
Pro Line 2 is still a poly. Polys for the most part are not the "mushiest" strings. Something like Technifibre 315 (it's a squash string, but I think it's the same string that used to be marketed as a tennis string). Babolat Envy is way too soft to me. That doesn't mean you wouldn't like it.


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Would you be willing to try Xcel or NXT for max comfort? Good power too.

For cheaper solution, maybe start with Prince Sgut and use that as a baseline and go from there.

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If you want soft 'n affordable, think about trying some Forten Sweet. Their Sweet 16 will be a bit more durable than the 17, but still give you softness in the same neighborhood as some multifibers at only $3 per set.

Lately I've been stringing my own gear with Kirschbaum standard syn. gut, both 16 and 17 ga. Very affordable by the reel and it seems to be a bit softer than their "premium" syn. gut, which costs almost twice as much.