I'm pretty excited to have Agassi guest commentating tonight.

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A great matchup (Fed and Rod) which can only be made more so with the insight from one of the worlds best. His humor and perspective should make a nice contrast to JMac's jaded views and Ted Robinsons endless questioning. And don't get me started of Tracy and Jim.


Great commentary by AA, his tennis acumen blows away Mac and Courier it seems. Sounds like he'd make a great coach.

He compared Roddick's bh technique with his own, he discussed tactics in depth as well as a bit of tennis psychology.

AA has made this match much more interesting. I've had a terrible day but this has almost made up for it!
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For sure. He's more of a player in the booth then a commentator in the booth, in a good way


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i am getting paranoid over the spanish only commentary i'm getting on eurosport livestreaming through channelsurfing.net......is there any english commentary at all, on any live streaming network? what about a feed to USA commentary??

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Wow. He's analyzing the games so well. I feel like I should be jotting all of this down on a notebook. That last gem about the vertical wheelhouse coupled with Fed's unique horizontal extra is absolutely priceless in improving one's game.


it's so nice to hear agassi mention that he watched a lot of his opponents matches to understand their strengths/weaknesses and how their games matched up with his. i'm so sick of all of these women's players (particularly williams sisters, sharapova, henin, etc) use the line "i'm only focused on my game and not really worried about my opponent".


I actually learned a lot today. The whole idea of leading with the right hand. Rogers strike zone ect...


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gave a lot of good insight. the match was okay, but it was a lot better with andre in the booth. the thing about becker and his eyes, federer and his strike zone, etc., they're all cool things to know.
Loved his little story about the Becker and how he tipped his away serve by the way his tongue hanged out of his mouth.

It must have been something that only agassi picked on or must have been quickly rectified by Becker. I would imagine something like that if not controlled could have runied Beckers career.


McEnroe's insight and analysis pales in comparison. I think Agassi would be the best possible coach you could have. The thing he said about how he doesn't use his left arm on his backhand until he makes contact with the ball will help me a lot with my own backhand.


The man has too much money and enjoys his kids and Steffi way too much to need any sort of commentary job.

I've always liked Andre and appreciate him even more after tonight's informative and insightful commentary. Refreshing and just right. He's truly become the ambassador for the sport hasn't he?