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  1. emcee

    emcee Semi-Pro

    Feb 21, 2004
    I'm thinking about buying the Nike Air Court Implosion Mids because the feedback is generally good, it's not too expensive, and looks darn cool. But I've noticed everyone complains about the durability. If I use Shoe Goo and stuff, will they last me a while?

    And how's the fit? I'm a 10 in Barricade IIs, so will I need a 10.5?
  2. Django

    Django Rookie

    Feb 28, 2004
    Laguna Beach
    I love Nikes for their right-out-of-the-box performance. And while their durability as a whole is pretty poor (lasting, say, 2 to 3 months max) the Implosions were by far the LEAST durable. I wore right through the sole under my right big toe in less than 5 weeks. Like other Nikes (including the famous Oscillates) the Implosions are narrow, so if you do buy them, go for that extra half-size.

    Shoe Goo? C'mon, that shouldn't be necessary!

    The best Nikes I've worn have been the Air Court Motion Internationals and, currently, the Air Resolves. I have not, however, tried the Air Zoom Breathes.
  3. Match-Point

    Match-Point Rookie

    Feb 19, 2004
    For what its worth I was trying to make the same decision several weeks ago. I opted for the Air Court Motion Internationals and after 3 weeks a I am generally please with the quality vs. value.
  4. ClemsonTennis9

    ClemsonTennis9 Rookie

    Mar 18, 2004
    They feel great but the only lasted me two small tournaments on back to back weekends, i suggest the oscilliate because they feel even better and last a lot longer
  5. nomalt

    nomalt New User

    Feb 25, 2004
    The implosions had the shortest life of any nike shoe I ever bought. A lot of people liked them b/c they were low to the ground too...only that translates into less rubber, so it is logical that they would wear out quicker.

    What if you bought the implosions, saved them for matches, but when you practice, where a more durable shoe, like the barricades.
  6. ismashall

    ismashall Rookie

    Apr 20, 2004
    The one but fatal flaw of the Implosion: absolutely no rubber on the outer side of heel.
  7. ismashall

    ismashall Rookie

    Apr 20, 2004
    On second thought....
    The one but fatal flaw of the Implosion: made by Nike
  8. Foo4Everlong

    Foo4Everlong Rookie

    Feb 29, 2004
    I was a big advocate of the Nike Implosions, as I usually wear whatever Andre goes with, but I did notice that when I switched from the Implosions to the Breathe Free's I noticed a huge difference in the support. In the Implosions I felt very low to the ground with not much in the way of cushioning towards the back of my foot. I just felt like I had a little more lift and more cushioning as well. I also just recently have realized that I have some sort of sciatic nerve problem wear I have some shooting pains that run down my left leg from time to time. And I noticed this more in the Implosions, and when I switched to the Breathe Free's it cut that pain down tremendously. I only just turned thirty and have never had any issues with regards to any kind of injury or pain like this, but it is amazing sometimes with just a switch of equiptment that this can help tremendously. Still bothers me from time to time but not as much with the Breathe Free's. So if you like being a lot lower to the ground than the Implosions are the way to go, but if you want more support or cushioning definitely the Breathe Free's are the way to go. FYI the new Air Max Breathe Free II's are coming out with the month or so. Later

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