"Improve" the TW University does not work with my Firefox?

Chas Tennis

There is an article "Physics of the Kick Serve" by Rod Cross. On TW forum webpage click "Improve" then "Tennis Warehouse University" to find a link to the article.

This used to work in the past.

When I click "Improve" and then "Tennis Warehouse University" it says server not found.
"Firefox can't find the server at twu.warehousesports.lan."

Some of the other links that I tried on that "Improve" webpage work OK.

If I search for the article through Google I get a link that works, no trouble.

8/22/2016 -- I just updated my Firefox to version 48.0.1 and similar result.
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When I run the cursor over the link, it says 'twu.tennis-warehouse.com/.......' When I click the link it ends up redirected to the bad URL in your post. Bad construction somewhere in the HTML. FF version 45 and 47. Correct URL needs to start with twu.tennis-warehouse.com/......

Chas Tennis

Found the problem - there is a dead link on the page after typing Improve.


"Tennis Warehouse University" - no longer works

Please remove this dead link from the page after Improve.

In general, the interesting information in TW University is hidden by too many jargon links.

The links that now work to TW University are described below.
I used a PC.

1) "Improve"
2) With list of things on left.
3) "Tennis Warehouse University"
4) not functioning - dead link

But if instead of going down the list, if I click "Learning Center"
Then I see a "TW University"/ "TW University Home" that has the Physics of the Kick Serve.

There is a dead link on the page after "Improve" Tennis Warehouse University

I'll report it.