IN the HEAD Pro Stringing room at the BNP Paribas Open with Dennis Fabian & we talk all about pro stringing & the made in the US new string!

TW Staff

We had a chance to catch up with Dennis Fabian (HEAD Global Manager Racquets, Bags, Accessories!) at the 2023 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, CA this year! In this episode, we sit down in the HEAD Stringing room to chat about all things STRINGS!

Some of the topics we covered include:

- What is it like to be on sight doing the stringing at the BNP Paribas Open?

- Explain the stringing room

- What string things have you seen trending this year and here specifically at BNP?


  • How did this string come about?!
  • What need does it fill?!
  • Where does it fit in the line up?
  • What can we expect from the playability of this string since our listeners can’t demo strings?
  • What is it comparable to?
  • What's the difference between Hawk Power and Lynx Touch?
  • Talk about the testing process with this string? Did any pros help with feedback?
  • The uniqueness of being made in the United States
  • Unique color - how many protos were there and how'd you land on this color
  • Who is this string for?
  • What's next? Can we expect anything new in the next year?

Happy Hitting!
I think it would have been nice if he addressed Head not releasing the Head Gravity auxetic tour in the US and Canada, especially since that is his personal racquet of choice. Personally, I was very disappointed that Head did that.


Ok, this was an AMAZING episode of the podcast !! congrats!! more like this one, from people in the trenches and RnD labs of this industry !