In your opinion, worst string?


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the worst string i've ever used was gamma challenger 2. i think it was supposed to be like a jacked up synth gut but it turned my racquet into a rocket launcher with no feel. i cut it out long before it went dead! :evil:

back in the day, i had an early version of psgd (i think it was one of their first attempts with adding duraflex) and it was a frayed mess in a week (this is when i was playing for hours every day in college). it was ugly! and it got so frayed the duraflex frayed out of it. you could actually pull the duraflex out of the string.
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Honestly? ALU Power. Way too stiff regardless of tension. Absolutely no feel whatsoever and too powerful for my taste. Really don't understand how people love this stuff...


i tried prince lightning xx for about 20 minutes before changing sticks.

some people like it... i hated how much power it gave me @ 63 pounds.


Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour.

Tried it at different tension levels and just hated it....

I haven't really tried any of the cheaper strings. I cut them out if the racquet comes prestrung with a cheap string.

Have tried Prince Syn Gut Duraflex, and overall I just don't see why It's one of the most sold strings in the world. It plays OK in the mains for 1-2 hours, then turns into mush.


Wilson Stamina is an atrocious string. Probably the worst I've ever felt though was Alu Power strung at normal tension for what I normally string multi's at (63). Felt like a board. Albeit that's partly my fault for not knowing to string Luxilon 10% lower, it's still pretty bad that a 6 pound difference would make a world of difference (I don't know if it does; it's too expensive to try again and there's better string out there for the money anyway).

Barricade V

Wilson hallow core. god awful. also prince xx lightening or whatever thats called


Worst I have used personally is wilson enduro mono. I'll admit, the string gave a nice bite to the ball, but it's claims of being soft was bull, probably the stiffest string I've ever used, felt like i was hitting the ball with a sledgehammer, and I was stringing at 53 pounds. I'm a young guy too, and it made my arm feel numb.

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The new soft polys in a full job are all pretty much the same to me. Lifeless and dull. I guess that is why I actually like Wilson Stamina as a cross. I like crisp strings.

The worst though for me was Ashaway poly.


Proline 2. Crap, crap crap. If I ate dental floss, crapped it out, extracted the floss from my crap, then strung my racket with the crap covered floss it would play better than that crap. Just my opinion though.

If you like over powered polys that spray balls, enjoy.


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Don't know why PHT is considered such a bad string.. I've tried some strings and I've hated them a ton more.

Maybe its my familiarity to PHT?

I love the hybrid of PHT on mains and VS Gut on the crosses. It works wonders for me.


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Out of all the strings I have tried:

Wilson Stamina
Prince Polygut
Ahhh, polygut and prince tournament poly in the days when I was just beginning tennis...
I even used tournament poly for a while after they stopped making polygut.


The absolute worst for me was Luxilon Supersense... I couldn't put two balls in a row in the court with that stuff and at the time, it was the most expensive string Luxilon made. I see I must've not been the only one as it is no longer for sale.


people on this board ll hate me for saying this, but an alu and vs gut hybrid, it was just not my cup of tea
hahha i actually just had a client string his friends racket with it after finding out he LOVED it. his friend came to the garage a couple days later and said she hated it and wanted her PSGD back.


Ashaway Dynamite - the top string coating starts peeling off after 5 min. of hitting. Horrible!!!!


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Have u tried the newer WIlson Hollow Core Pro? Supposed to be MUCH better.
That's what I heard. But I'm not the kind of guy that has enough money just to "test" out a string and risk liking/disliking it.

But idk. It BETTER be a nice upgrade from the original HC.


For example,

Well, of course its going to be harsh and not offer much feel - its a stiff poly! That's why it bites the ball so well and offers alot of spin. Jeeez.
I would be careful with your words, if you mean "noob" as in trying different strings or not being a stringer, then I agree. If you mean "noob" as in tennis player, that might not apply. My girlfriend, for example, was ranked top 5 in our state in 16s and 18s simultaneously back in high school and all she ever uses is Prince Sweet Perfection which isn't even made anymore. She won't let me string with anything else but that, or PSG. The fact that she can get into the M!dwest Closed having only played with PSG her whole life says that it's more about the player and that string ignorance is irrelevant.
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