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    If you havent seen Inception and plan on doing so, dont read this thread

    I saw the movie tonight, it was amazing. now, in this article many people believe that the top doesn't stop spinning and he is still in a stage of dreaming. if this is true, even though he and the old man "killed" themselves to get out of limbo (the 4th stage of dream), does it mean it wasn't his dream to begin with and his wife was right about reality? I'm going to see it again, but I'm just confused with if the top falls at any point (which means he was in reality) and then he brings himself back to the plane which he is on in reality how it could be anything but reality. since the top was his wifes, could it possibly be that it had no bearing on judging reality and dreaming in the first place?
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    The only I can conclude from the ending is that Leo does not care whether it is reality or not. It's his reality, he believes it. He is happy. He spins the top, but leaves to go to his children before seeing what it does, accepting the world he is in whatever existential situation it may be.

    By it's definition, the totem is only meant to determine whether he is in someone else's dream. In his own dreams, the totem's effects are irrelevant because the individual understands the physics behind his/her totem. So technically, falling doesn't conclude it is reality. At the same time, it isn't necessarily a dream because it is toppling.

    It is very difficult to say whether or not the ending is a dream or reality. But the conclusion about Cobbs is real, and it is similar to Memento in some ways.
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    I was wondering the same thing. I think it does stop turning.
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    Really good point I didn't think about that. I was confused about the end in general.

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