Inconsistant Playtest Data



I love all of the playtest videos TW posts on YouTube.


Now, that you have electronic court data for each player, I wish your video editors would be consistent with the info they provide in the playtests for each tester.

For example, it varies with each player whether you are showing spin, speed, max, or averages. If not on the videos, can you please post all the info: max FH speed, avg FH speed, max BH speed, avg BH speed, max & avg FH spin, max & avg BH spin, .....and SERVE SPEED ?

Serve speed is a must. Technically, it't not important but it is important when watching various playtests. It really shows us viewers an easily quantifiable stat (and power difference) from one racquet to the next.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this.

TW Staff

Quad Cam,

Thanks for your feedback. There is probably too much data to show it all on video. So each playtester will pick what they want to emphasize: power, spin or control. And we pick data related to each of those. However we are currently in the process of revamping our written review and I will look into the possibility of adding a Playsight Data section.

Brittany, TW



That would be great. I really like the adding a playsight data section to your written reviews. I hope that gets implemented.