Inconsistency in grip pallet sizes

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As for the numbers EU 3-5 there seems to be variation on the thickness of at least 1/8th of an inch between 4 to another 4, but they are stamped the same.

If you buy only one racke at a time thinking it would fall in the same specs, it will most likely have either difference in weight, ballance point and even worse, the grip size, yet sold the same.

Other than the grip size are possible to attack, if carefully fiddled with lead tape or other materials. But how to overcome a difference in grip size?

An extra layer of tape underneath will compromize the shape and extra layer of overgrip will change the feel. Can one get a set of similar pallets somewhere? There are hardly ever anything online to buy and mostly they are used and doesn’t fit the frame, if the size were right.


If these are Head or Volkl frames, you can obtain pallets. Or go to a pro shop to have the pallets replaced. If pallets are not available, replace grips that are too large with thin grips. If grip is too small, replace with a thicker grip, LOROW or balsa wood. Then customize to match mass and balance.

FWIW, all my frames marked 4 , feel the same to me stock.
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