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Hey everyone,

I am planning on going to Indian Wells this year for the very first time. I have read similar posts from previous years and they have helped a little, but obviously everyone has different needs. My main goal is to see Federer, preferably in the 2nd or 3rd round. I have 2/3 days set aside and plan on staying at friend's place nearby. I would like to get decent seats. I have been looking at mini packages on the tournament site and I am not sure what package is best for my needs: the Kickoff Weekend Package or Mid Week. I can only afford lodge seats if I go with the package route. Many people have said the General Admission is the way to go. Will they give you a decent view of the players or will it be too high? Do the lodge seats make that much of a difference? I am open to hand-picking tickets rather than getting a package if that's a better option. Not sure when Fed is most likely to play: Day or night in early rounds? Anyway, any info at all would be greatly appreciated.

Griggs, I was exactly in your shoes a year ago where I simply wanted to see Fed play, whether on the practice courts or in a match. I did both. I ended up shelling $$$ on kickoff weekend box seats + hotel . With that said, once you're there, you'll realize the practice courts are where it's at so a GA ticket will suffice. This year I'm doing GA on Th, F and Sun, and doing the daily double for box seats on Saturday. This way, I've reduced my entire trip by 500 dollars lol. I spent wayyyyyyy more time on the practice courts than watching actual matches. Though being able to sit super close on any court with box tickets was an awesome experience. I was front row, my foot on the court during the D.Young vs Murray match, it was an amazing experience. The tournament was unreal for me as a tennis fan which is why I am going for a second year in a row.


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Palm Springs is the Coachella Valley. Its the name given the whole area that includes Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, Cathedral City, Indio, La Quinta, etc. I have no idea what there is to do in that area to be honest, I rarely go out there outside of the tennis tournament (and I've lived in So Cal for most of my life). You should definitely consider the Tram, you'll be able to see the whole valley from the top. Just be ready for much cooler temperatures up there. You could go hiking somewhere in Joshua Tree, but it's not a good idea to do that alone. The Santa Rosa mountains are the ones that line the edge of Palm Springs. Do a search for that term and see if any tour groups or whatever show up.

Appreciate it mate. Thanks for the advise. Will look into this today.


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I want to go near the hills, mountains whatever you can call it.
In that case, do the aerial. You'll love it. Seriously. It's worth checking out if you want to see "mountains".

By the way, did you decide to rent a car? If not, did you figure out how to get around without one? Others may want to know about how the public transportation system works if your research has come up with any insights.


Kool. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately I can just make it to the first week. I have to leave Tuesday morning of 2nd week. Such is life.
I'm sorry. I thought you meant the second week. I don't know anything about the first week. Sorry for the confusion.


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In that case, do the aerial. You'll love it. Seriously. It's worth checking out if you want to see "mountains".

By the way, did you decide to rent a car? If not, did you figure out how to get around without one? Others may want to know about how the public transportation system works if your research has come up with any insights.
Hey, thanks for the advise.

Yes. What I have decided is to not to rent any car or anything. I will be with one of my friends till Wednesday and then he leaves. So after Wednesday, I will be using Sunline Bus 111 which takes about 25 mins to reach tennis center from my hotel in Indio.


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Piggyback and my input

I have a couple questions to piggyback onto this, but first my feedback for some of the questions already on here:

Getting close to players: Practice courts are best for this...we went on a weekday during the first week last year and got to see almost every top player close up. Sat 10 ft off the court to watch Djok and Ferrer play a practice set... lots of funny banter with Djok and incredible tennis. Watched Rafa and Verdasco too. Didn't see Fed.

Parking: Last year was the first time I attended, but my wife and I brought bikes with us and rode from hyatt grand champions. not too long of a ride and a nice way to avoid car traffic. people drive like idiots in PS though, so you have to be on guard.

What (else) to do: Its a pretty boring area in terms of nightlife. We enjoy eating at the stuft pizza in downtown la quinta, which is nice. avoid the cliff house restaurant -- not that great and mostly bue hairs when we were there. downtown is a good drive form indian wells and worht doing once, but no more.

This hike always looked awesome, but I have not been able to try it yet:


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Now my questions...

OK, my questions...we only went for a day our first time last year and really had no idea what we were doing:

Best day to attend? We will not be shelling out for the weekend finals, so is the best day Wednesday the 2nd week? We want to see some good matches, but also have enough of them going on to watch form some side courts.

Night matches: Do GA tickets get you in at night nor not? Are night matches only in the stadium or ?



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^^ Wednesday for the men's rd16 is probably the best day IMO. You can just arrive on stadium 2 early with your GA ticket and "camp". You will more than likely get to see 3 or 4 men's singles matches, probably 2 good men's doubles, and probably a ladies quarterfinal match.

GA tickets will get you into the main stadium at any time. You are officially assigned to the sunny nosebleed section on bleacher seats. In practice however, you just take whatever seat is open, and there will usually be lots of them.

You can't get into the lower bowl with a GA ticket. In the past, it was possible to sneak in that section using various "tricks", but not anymore. At least as far as I know.

The stadium will have 2 night matches each night, but there will be action outside the stadium at night up through Wednesday. Starting Thursday, there are usually a few doubles matches on stadium 2 during the day, but at night, its all on the stadium.


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Hi everyone, Thanks for all the tips about this tournament.
Me and a buddy are attending Indian wells for the first time. We have evening loge tickets for Monday thru Friday of the second week(since both of us will be working during the day). I see that the evening tickets are granted admission from 4:30pm. I would appreciate if someone can shed some light into these.

Do the evening tickets allow access to any of the outer courts?
Is there any chance of watching any of the top players up-close during practice in the evening? I think players who have matches in the evening will practice in the evening as opposed to morning??
If there are empty better seats available , is poaching even possible with evening tickets?



Yes, any ticket to the grounds allows you access to all of the outer courts.

Most of the players are done practicing by 5 except for the players who have night matches. Sometimes, if a player knows they have a night match the next day, they might do a quick practice at night to check the conditions or whatever.

Now, in all the years I've been going there I have caught a few good night practices - Martina and Leander Paes hitting together for fun; The Murray brothers warming up for a doubles match; both Federer and Nadal (which I avoided because the crowds for them are BRUTAL). So, you can get lucky. Check the practice schedule marquee, but that is not always accurate.

Get there as early as you can, there might be a good pick up soccer game happening on the grass field next to the practice courts. Those are fun, especially if Novak is playing because he talks the whole time.
First time going myself,

Is there any value in getting reserved seating for Wednesday on the round of 16, on the outer court if any are still available? Im just going to wing it for Thursday, but last I looked there were some reserved available on the outer court for Wednesday.



Any tips on going with an evening session ticket?
get there as early as you can to allow time for any parking issues, and bring very warm clothes. Once the sun goes down and the wind kicks up, it can be brutally cold on the grounds.


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I need two general admission tickets for the 11:00am session on Saturday, March 10th.

Does anyone have two to sell or know where I can get them?

My name is Gino, and my e-mail address is

Thanks everyone


I was planning on a Friday trip out to IW but GA tix are sold out. If anyone has one or two of them, email me through my profile. Or if anyone knows of a reputable ticket exchange that has them, let me know. tnx


If you are at the tournament today be sure to stop by the Tennis Garden apparel tent to see a new iPhone app called Tennis Wild Cards. A free version will be available as well as the full app at a discount throughout the tournament. The app will be on display today through Sunday.