Indian Wells Masters 2019 R3 :- Federer v/s Wawrinka

Match result prediction poll...who wins and how????!!

  • Fed in 2

    Votes: 26 45.6%
  • Fed in 3

    Votes: 21 36.8%
  • Stan in 2

    Votes: 2 3.5%
  • Stan in 3

    Votes: 8 14.0%

  • Total voters

Poisoned Slice

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Lets hope for a better level for a more interesting match. Of course, Fed has to win in the end. :laughing:
When I root for someone I just want a win, I don't care how it's done. The more dominating the better. But when I watch the replays, that's a different story haha.


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His play is a thing of beauty. I never realized how much more beautiful his style is than everyone else's until I started watching all the matches. And better yet, he's always the scary one on the court (except when playing really big servers)

This is subjective of course
The part that impresses me the most about Federer is the way that he shortens the points and absolutely doesn't give you time to play. Since I watched Federer since 2007, I saw he has transitioned perfectly from an aggressive baseliner to an all courter.
I remember that commies here said that Federer is the only player that doesn't let you play at all.


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If Stan is in a benevolent mood , I will take it. Fed has an afternoon match tomorrow to follow up a QF Thursday.

Edmund and Shapavalov ?


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6-3 Fedr.

Stan just has no idea what to do on return, and he has never figured it out in 16 HC matches. You can see why the HC H2H is a big 16-0 because Federer is just so comfortable on serve so if he breaks Stan once the set is 99.9% over.


Fed A game tonight, not much Stan can do even if he missed fewer shots.

Fed is amazing in return so far as well, barely missed any of them.


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Stan obliged nicely with the error, but really he's getting pressed by Federer into going for too much. Federer is flying around the court tonight.


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Pegion who owns AO + RG + USO???

Not to bad for a pigeon. Or is he weak era stuff?

He’s a ****ty weak era Fed sychophant ***** when he plays his Swiss compatriot, but he’s an ATG type Player Stanimal when Djokovic plays him and whom he gets credit for beating (and being beaten by).